Songs of the Moment

Romania has a lot of good music that we don’t get to hear in the US, so every now and then I’m going to post my favorites. You might have heard of Inna (we’ve done Cola Song in Zumba). I really like her, even though her sound treads in the bubble gum pop territory.

Mai Stai is a sweet song and the lyrics are included in the video in English. If you’re trying to learn Romanian, songs are really helpful. Mai stai = stay

Creating a Plan

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Well, I’m still in the planning stages of my move, but that’s okay because I have a few months before I leave. I posted my to-do list, and I am sure I will add to that as time goes on.

In the meantime, I have my upcoming December trip to Romania on my mind. I will visit my friends and have some important travels around the country – hopefully, Maramures and some skiing in Poiana Brasov.