Piața Sfatului


Piața Sfatului is a magical place.

I’ve been a lot of places, but none as beautiful as Brasov. In the center of this jewel town is the historic district – and Piața Sfatului. Last summer, I would sit at the fountain as the sun was setting and watch the colors of Tâmpa  change as the sunlight reflected from the mountain. The soundtrack of people talking and children playing on the cobblestones combined with the delicious warmth of a fresh covrig augmented the experience.


Christmastime in the Piața was just as wonderful. This time, the sound of soft snowfall hitting the roofs was complemented with the heady aroma of vin fiert, the hot wine sold by the adorable Căsuțe shops surrounding the tree. The Black Church, covered in snow, witnesses another year and remains a monument to time. Every time I walk down Strada Republicii, I know what lays at the end, but as I get closer, I still feel the rise of anticipation, no matter how many times I’ve visited.


I know other people feel it, too.



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