La Multi Ani!


New Year’s Eve was such a blast. We got to hang out with some of our friends at our favorite “get drunk and dance on the tables” kind of place: Deane’s! We started off pretty mild, just a few beers before midnight. We went to the square for the countdown, and it was incredible. It seemed like the entire town was headed towards the square. People were drinking champagne from the bottle – breaking glasses everywhere. Sparklers and roman candles pointed to the sky – we all counted in the new year together.

This is a country full of people who know what is important in life, and man, does it really show. Faces of happiness and joy, people celebrating with the ones they love. Cheering to another year of health and happiness. And then throwing their glasses on the ground 😀

Then we headed back to Deane’s for a long night of fun. We got bottle service (which unlike in America, was actually a better deal), and the rest is history. I don’t remember too much, except it was FREEZING and there were no taxis at 4:30am. I mean, come on. This is the night where you make your money, taxi people! But I guess taxi drivers gotta sleep, too.

Although my 2015 had a lot of ups and downs, I am in love with the way it ended. I finally feel like I have control of my life again, and I am so ready to live it.


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