Leo de la Strehaia

You might be asking yourself, “Who is Leo de la Strehaia?”

You might ask your favorite Romanian, “Hey, tell me about Leo de la Strehaia.”

You’ll probably get a blank look.


this guy

You see, not many people know about Leo. Leo is something of a gypsy king. He first appeared to me back in May of 2015 on late night TV. His first wife, I believe her name is Anka (I’m still learning Romanian, and this soap opera is a little confusing still) was on the show, and she was super upset.

She yelled at Leo for what seemed like the entire show. No one could get her to stop yelling. I was entranced. Who was this man who sat passively on screen with such a blank expression as he was receiving verbal abuse?


Anca, woman of my dreams

And I got hooked. I did a little research. Apparently Leo is something of an infamous celebrity, kind of like some of our Kardashians. He is famous for being rich, and every time they drag him on stage he is throwing his lei all over the place.


I think though, that Leo is kind of a pariah. He has been known to date porn stars and flit from one girl to the next. This is according to some “news” articles like CanCan, and I have a feeling it’s mostly fabricated. They also said he had a heart attack in November, but I’m not sure I believe that either. How do you have time for a heart attack when you’re a gypsy king? How do you have a heart attack in your 30s? I suppose it can be done, but maybe it takes the kind of work only a gypsy king can do.


Strehaia is a small town in the south west of Romania

Leo had a good year in 2015. Beginning (? or ending, who knows) with Renata.Poor Renata. She got a piece of Leo after she stole him from some other porn star. They had a few happy months of instagram and facebook pictures…and then…he started dating her mother. Allegedly.


Renata’s mom


Leo and Renata in happier days


…then came the break up…and wait, who is he dating now???


New girlfriend, Loredana. I really like her nails.

A blonde by the name of Loredana. She’s important for some reason, but I haven’t figured it out yet. Maybe someone can explain to me? I’m a little dizzy. I think he bought her a car. I wish someone would buy me a car. But maybe he dated her before Renata? And also after? Leo, this is exhausting.


But it doesn’t end there. Cancan reports that Leo got MARRIED! To someone named Dana?


not Renata

Hmmm…Dana looks suspiciously like Renata. I think our boy Leo here has a type. I think Dana’s last name is Criminal, but I’m pretty sure that’s Google translate working it’s devil magic. If that is actually her last name, well done, Leo.


So Leo, if it’s true, congratulations! Best of luck in your new marriage.


late night Romanian tv…truly superior to anything we have in America


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