Of course, this is old news for Romania, but since it’s just now hitting the American news, I wanted to make a post about it.

Romanian people are fantastic – they see the opportunities in unlikely places (see: Bernie Sanders Internet Speed Test). For example, when Snoop Dogg accidentally checked into Bogata in Maramures.


Mr. Dogg was in Bogota, Colombia doing what he does best – rapping and smoking – when he misspelled Bogota and instead checked into Bogata. Of course, Romanians (particularly the ones who know who Snoop Dogg is) loved this and immediately used the opportunity to make a beautiful website extolling the virtues of traveling to Bogata. Proving once again that all publicity is good publicity.


Snoop later realized his mistake and called himself out (he “steve harvey’d himself”), but because he seems like a genuinely nice guy, he left us with a #visitbogata hashtag and said he’d be there himself someday soon.


and I’ll just leave this right here…


updated to add:



I love the internet.


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