Sandu Ciorba Zumba

Okay Internet, I am going to have to thank you for this. Whatever gods of destiny are out there, they blessed me the day they put this video in my Youtube suggestions.

Sandu Ciorba Zumba

Uh…I might actually try this!

This looks high energy and fun. Not to mention, it could possibly be the much needed break that I need from Pitbull (dale/fuego/Mr. Worldwide).


For those of you who are uninitiated, Sandu Ciorba (is this really his last name? soup?) is a Manele singer who routinely tricks me into listening to his songs because his videos are so much fun. Am I a fan of the music? Possibly? Or do I come for the awesome ladies in the background of these videos? Hell, yes.

These ladies are the whole reason this song works:

Not to mention this song is catchy as hell. I’m totally guilty of thinking “WOO LOO LOO LOOOO” at inappropriate times.

Notice how the women in the videos are displaying actual talent (and whoa there with that crazy hood, Sandu):

Now, I don’t know what that snap dance is called, but it looks pretty hard to me. I would probably fall down if I tried.

In this video, men are also showing their moves (the ladies are killing it again – in heels):

Again, another high energy dance. I could probably do it. I mean, at least five seconds of it. At least.



In all of the videos, Sandu gives it his all, putting his heart into dramatic facial expressions that a Backstreet Boy would be jealous of – just so we can get the real emotion of the manele. I’m not sure what he’s singing about, but man, it must be deep.

Now if someone could explain to me why his hair always looks wet…


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