Summer 2016 is heating up

I’ve begun to plan my summer activities and so far, I’m really excited. I think I have something fun planned for each month of summer.

I am pumped that I get to go to the Electric Castle Music Festival this year. Last year, I was working and I didn’t have the chance. Not this year! I’ve already got my tickets and my camping spot reserved. It’s happening!


I am really pumped to see Sigur Ros and Bastille. Uh, and Skrillex…yeah. I’m sure I’ll be more excited about him after a few liters of Ursus.


Consuming Ursus is recommended before consuming Skrillex


A sampling of bands that will be performing ECF ’16:

God, I hope Sigur Ros performs THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE at Electric Castle. Red Wedding 2016, y’all! Maybe you’ll remember Sigur Ros from Tom Cruise’s movie Vanilla Sky. I think they did all of the music for that film.

Here’s Gorgon City:

and Argatu (omgomg):

EC 2016 will go down in Cluj-Napoca. Cluj is an awesome city. It’s full of young people and it’s got lots of charm, especially in its historical district.


I had the pleasure of eating at Cabinet de Vin & Cocotte when I was there, drinking lots of wine, and waking up to a beautiful sunrise over church steeples. I really enjoyed the botanical gardens – also located within the city.20150710_201838_Richtone(HDR).jpg

Electric Castle Festival is named thus because the concert takes place at Banffy Castle in Cluj. Banffy Castle’s history goes back to the 1300s, but the castle itself has only recently been restored to glory. Thank God, because this is probably the coolest concert venue I’ve ever seen. Just a castle, some EDM, and 30,000 of your closest friends.

Camping is happening, so let’s hope that it doesn’t rain like it did last year. I don’t mind an adventure, but I’ll have to remember to pack my rain boots and cheap flip flops just in case. Although, who am I kidding – this is Transylvania. It’s going to rain. It’ll be a great opportunity to wear my prettiest poncho. I will probably also pack some warm clothes because if this summer is anything like last summer, there might be a forty degree difference in night and day temperatures.



Last year’s Electric Castle Festival. I guess I should also consider packing a canoe.

I should mention this will be my first EDM festival. I’m a little worried it’s going to go like this:



The other event that I’m really excited for is The Color Run Romania. We have these in America and I’ve always wanted to go, but I never had the chance. I’m a total sucker for a 5k. I chose to go to the Timisoara race because I’ve never been to Timisoara and what a great excuse for a weekend trip 🙂


I’m also debating buying tickets for the Rhianna concert in August. Ha ha – just kidding, there is no debate. Rhianna is happening.


I would also like to take some intensive Romanian courses. I’m not sure where, though. There doesn’t seem to be many choices in Brasov, so any suggestions would be great. I would really like to be conversational as soon as possible because there are so many wonderful Romanian people that I’m not able to speak with – it’s incredibly frustrating sometimes when you don’t have someone who can translate for you.


At some point, it would be nice to go to the sea. I loved going to Vama Veche last year, and I would be open to going there again…but maybe we could try something closer to the Danube Delta. I’d really like to see that this year.




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