Did we just become best friends?!


Dear Romania,

I hope you enjoy the F-22 warplanes we’ve sent to you. All two of them.


The F-22 is a really cool airplane, and the symbolism here is mega important. The gift of these two planes is a powerful sign of our alliance with Romania, and our commitment to support the region militarily. Not to mention how fitting it is to send these jets to the country that invented modern jet propulsion (thank you,  Henri Coandă). [edit: I’ve been told these are not a gift – we are not even letting Romania borrow them! It seems we just wanted to park them in the joint military base we have near Constanta. Isn’t that a little like calling up your friend and asking if you can park your Lamborghini next to their Dacia in the garage? ]

Here they are landing in Romania (with our boys,Team America, at :56):


Here’s an video showing the F-22 doing a vertical takeoff. That’s right, vertical.

Yass, queen! That was amazing!


If you’re ~really~ interested, here is a documentary about the technology in the airplanes:

Romania, you know what comes next right? ROAD TRIP!

Romania and America, BFF

giphy (1).gif


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