Romanian Traditions: Weddings (part 3)

Okay – this is the third and last post on Romanian weddings! Are you exhausted yet? I am! 😛


Thankfully, the third day of the wedding was much more low key. We made our way to a different restaurant for another meal with lots of music and lots of guests. The wedding the night before included about 300 people. This dinner was smaller, but not by much. It was so packed that the “young” people were asked to move to tables outside. I might be in my 30s, but I’m never too old for the kids’ table 🙂

It was a blessing in disguise because not only was the evening very pleasant, but the music inside was (again) very loud. Now, I like loud music. I am not that old. However, after this wedding, I think traditional Romanian music (aka Music Popular) is now tattooed on my brain. The day after the festivities, I’m pretty sure I was brushing my teeth and doing the hora in my bathroom.

The food was two courses: a delicious filling soup and a plate of mixed grill meats. Both were incredible. There were the little cakes again (!!) and of course, more tuica. We also had a very tasty dessert bread that is traditionally served at special occasions. I’m not sure what the name of it is – can anyone tell me?


The big traditions for this night included something a lot of people didn’t know about – so I’m assuming it’s either old or not practiced in some parts of the country. Lots of wedding guests left and dressed up in their best Halloween costumes and returned with a wheelbarrow. The strongest man in costume put the groom’s father in the wheelbarrow and pushed him around the restaurant while the guests danced. All of the parents had a turn – I think even a grandparent or two got a ride in the wheelbarrow. It was a raucous and very hilarious. The costumes weren’t like the commercial ones we have in America. They reminded me more of what costumes used to be thirty or forty years ago. Simple and scary. Even the little kids were dressed up, but they were adorable (ducks).


After this craziness, the party wound down and the guests began to leave. We ended up staying until midnight, then I drove us home. I don’t know how people went to work on Monday, I was literally so exhausted and sore from dancing and having fun.

Overall, I feel very privileged to have been a guest at the wedding of our friends. I had a great time and I wish them all the very best in their marriage. Casa de piatra!


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