100 years have passed since Romania entered the first World War


On August 27th, Romania celebrated its 100th anniversary of entering the fray and declaring war on the Austro-Hungarian empire. To commemorate this occasion, Brasov opened an exhibit in the council house of Piata Sfatului.

In addition to a museum exhibit, they had people dressed in historically accurate uniforms reenacting military vignettes outside in the square. They were answering questions in character (and in English!), so it was a real treat for the history enthusiast in me.

There were even women dressed in early 1900s period costume walking around the area (which is so cool for me – I love the way we used to dress). Sadly, I missed the commemorative parade which featured historical military uniforms from all of the branches.


These guards took their jobs very seriously – they even switched feet at the same time.


News article featuring photos from the parade and some of the women in period costume.

For more pictures of the WWI soldiers, check out this Romanian news article.

If you want to read these articles in English, you can paste the links into Google translate, or download the Google translate extension for Chrome (and then all you have to do is right click, “translate to English”).


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