Typical December day in Brasov

It’s been below freezing for a good two weeks or so here. We’ve had a few days of sun, but mostly it’s been overcast/foggy/cloudy/snowing.


A beautiful (rare) sunny morning in Brasov

It was starting to be a bit comical because there are so many layers of snow and ice on the sidewalk and everyone (myself included) walks like a baby deer down the street. Either that or they just give up and “ice skate” shuffle.


me, irl

The weather forecast had said it was supposed to warm up. Like, really warm up. We’d surely see temperatures around 6-7 celsius. I was so excited! I do a lot of walking and as much as I like to pretend I’m Nancy Kerrigan (ha ha just kidding more like Tonya Harding), I was really looking forward to being able to walk without constantly falling.

So, imagine my surprise when yesterday it appeared to be raining. I was waiting on my bus and I felt these little wet pinpricks on my face. “Rain?” I thought – no, it was something even worse: burniță.


sidewalks and parking = icy mess

Burniță is something I am familiar with as a former resident of the state of Georgia. Burniță is freezing rain, and it wasn’t long until everything was coated with a pretty glaze of ice. The roads were soon a beautiful slushy mess and the sidewalks were an even bigger disaster. Thankfully, Clau came to pick me up, but I can imagine that I would’ve broken at least one of my legs had I attempted to do my regular walk home.

The good news is that we have at least three days of snow coming up this week. I hope that the new snow covers up the old (which is so dirty now it looks like sand), and that we have beautiful white Christmas.

Update: We had some very thick fog last night and it froze 🙂 So pretty!





2 responses to “Burniță

  1. great snow pics, I really love the toddler on ice. So you got chocolate and a stick, next comes a stocking full of coal-that’s dutch tradition. Merry christmas to you, Claudiu and all your friends. Love, DAD


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