End of Summer Grill

It’s been a hot summer in Romania. The first week of August, we had heat wave that brought sun-filled crushing 100 degree temperatures. Maybe that seems a bit dramatic, but I live on the 5th floor and I don’t have air conditioning. It was dramatic for me at the time, lol.

So when our friends in the country called and invited us to an end-of-summer grill, we gladly accepted. The weather was fantastic, and happily enough, it turned out to be the last day of warm temperatures. Now we’re all wearing sweaters and getting excited about the future snow (when will it come???)


The trick to a Romanian grill is obviously, the grill part. I mean, that is all it is usually. The rest of it is just sitting and chilling while you wait for the food. That is the beauty of the grill!

Things you will need for a Romanian grill (warning: amazon affiliate links ahead!):

  1. A fire (one that has some good coals or you can use charcoal)
  2. MEATS (various chicken parts/sausages/mici!) + some kind of fat to cook with
  3. VEGGIES (potatoes for fries & bell peppers + red onion + vinegar/oil = salad)
  4. Cookware – I suggest a dutch oven/cast iron cookware. I’ve seen something like a tripod with used as well (for potatoes, usually)
  5. Drinks – if you have a cooler, great. If not, hopefully you are grilling near a creek and you can make a creek dam and put your drinks in it to stay cool
  6.  Music (or other various non-Manele songs):


7. Sheep – We had a huge herd of sheep come visit us just as night was falling. I took some videos and Google Photos made a Sheep Movie for me 😀 If you look closely, you can see the Cioban (shepherd)


8. Stars! I don’t have any pictures of this, but after the fire died down, the stars were incredible. I’ve never seen the Milky Way like that before. An amazing way to end the day. If you are near Brasov, try going out towards Piatra Craiului National Park for some dark sky, you won’t regret it, I promise!



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