Claudiu (who is the ultimate tour guide ❤) took me to see the Transbucegi. I feel like now I’ve seen a lot of very awesome mountain roads (transbucegi, transalpina, transfagarasan) – are there many more? I am so amazed at this country’s ability to build roads on tops of mountain ranges, and conversely, their inability to finish road work. Drumul in lucru – here’s looking at you, Pitesti (◕︵◕). Anyway, it took us like two hours to get there because everyone was going to Bucharest that day and the traffic was insane.


We were able to drive a pretty good ways until we reached an impasse where the gendarmerie were telling us to turn around because all these cars were stuck. So we turned around and decided to walk a bit in the lovely area you see above.

I told Claudiu that I wished we had a sled. Several times I have seen these little butt-shovel sledlettes being sold by road side gypsies, and at the moment I regretted not buying one. Claudiu says, “Sled? We don’t need a sled. We have a bag.”


That’s right, we went sledding on a bag. And it worked! We went so fast down the hill I thought we were going to break our legs. The snow was kind of deep under the crust and there was several places where your foot could get caught. Romania’s motto should be: “It’s just safe enough” – this has been my experience in many places. It’s safe…enough, but don’t be an idiot. So we made sure our legs were lifted as we went down the hill.


The sun started going down, so we decided to head back to Brasov. The shadows on the mountains made it look like a snow desert.


I really hope we can come back here in the summer and drive all the way to the end. The views are absolutely amazing on the road.


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