I’m fascinated by the suffix -uri.

Well, I don’t know if it’s a suffix in Romanian or not, but it seems that way to English-speaking me. -Uri is magic. You can put it on the end of an English and it becomes Romanian. Obviously, I’m (mostly) joking. But it seems like everytime I turn around, I see a new -uri word, usually Romanglish, and I absolutely love it. So, how do you use -uri?


Down the -uri rabbit hole…





See? Magic!


Although, I don’t think it’s really that easy. I am still learning Romanian, so I obviously don’t have all the details, but I’m guessing that chips = singular and chipsuri = plural.

If this is the case, I’m excited. A double plural. Exponential chips.

Other examples? Or not, you decide.


too much fast-food-uri

  • Laptop/Laptopuri
  • Jeep/Jeepuri
  • Fast-food/Fast-food-uri
  • Weekend/Weekenduri
  • Job/Joburi
  • Like/Likeuri
  • Hotel/Hoteluri
  • Website/Websiteuri
  • Trend/Trenduri
  • Show/Showuri




Of course, feel free to add your own examples in the comments below, or to school me in Romanian grammar (please I need it).


52 dream weekenduris



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