Over Christmas, I bought a beautiful orchid. I named her Mihaiela, in honor of Mihai Eminescu. Gorgeous, right? I thought so, too. I picked her out of a huge display of beautiful orchids. 20151223_101320

We had her for all of a week and then her petals started to fall off. What did I do wrong? Is she alive?! Did I kill Mihaiela?! 😥

I love plants and I try my very best to keep them alive. Sometimes I don’t know what to do – do they need more water or less, or more sun or less sun? I usually buy the “Plants of Steel” from Lowe’s (i.e. plants that are difficult to kill), so having a graceful beauty like Mihaiela is going to be a learning experience, I can already tell.

Here are some photos of her now, you can see there is still some green there – but she’s lost some of her glory.


Claudiu thinks there’s something happening here…I sure hope so 🙂



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