Bucharest Wish List

I’m already thinking ahead to spring when I’ll have a chance to take my time when I visit Bucharest. So far, I’ve barely seen any of the city apart from a section of Old Town and Herastrau Park. Most of what I saw was lovely (apart from all the TRAFFIC – seriously what), and I can’t wait to go back.

  1. Primaverii Palace (Ceausescu’s mansion) – newly opened to the public. The website for this attraction makes me a little carsick. Why is it slanted? I’m glad there is information about having an tour in English, even if the information is only in Romanian. Primaverii is supposed to be huge – like 80 rooms. It’s rumored to beostentatiously decorated, stuff like gold toilet paper holders and filigree ceilings. Naturally, I am really looking forward to seeing these gaudy touches because (according to my mother) I am a crow. It’s not my fault I get distracted by glittery things. Bring on the gilded gewgaws!

    Photo from Google Streetview


  2. Palatul Parlamentului – The heaviest building in the world belongs now to the people of Romania. Last summer, we made plans to come here, but it was so gosh darn hot that we were drove around it and decided not to get out. We ended up heading to Vama Veche earlier than expected and this massive edifice stayed on my to-visit list. For lack of anything more intelligent to say, I just really love cool buildings, and I’m looking forward to exploring the world’s largest (well-constructed) pile of cold marble.


Here’s a very cool video of projection mapping on the building:

Here’s a less dramatic but more informative video on the building:

(featuring lots of Bogdans!)


3. Peasant Museum – I was able to visit the Village Museum last summer and I really want to visit the Peasant Museum next. I think both of these would be great to visit on the same day, just to get a better depth of Romanian history.

Speaking of museums, I’d really like to attend Noaptea Muzeelor (Museum Night). Every year there is a special night in Bucharest where the museums are open all night. There are loads of special performances and exhibits. I would really like to go to Museum Night to enjoy the festivities and the novelty of staying up all night with art(!) and history(!) – and then come back another day to actually spend quality time in the museum. Probably a Wednesday morning, when everyone is at work and the exhibits are mostly empty (at least, this is true for IKEA, so I’m hoping it will apply in this situation :P)

4. Romanian Atheneum – I would love to hear an orchestra performance here. People say this building is beautiful, and judging from this virtual tour, they’re totally right. Here is my dream: I want to get fancied up, attend an Enescu concert here, and then go out for a nice dinner wherein I drink too much wine and become a bohemian at the stroke of midnight.giphy.gif


I’ll probably have to wait until June to get some quality time in Bucharest, but that just means I have more time to research and add to my to-do list. I would really appreciate any suggestions for places to visit, especially if they have to do with art and history.



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