Songs of the Moment

Smiley released this song the other day. It’s called Indragostit (in love) and it’s just so sweet. Smiley is really popular here and even though his stuff is really poppy, I love this song. I also really love his chin. But that’s a different story for a different day.

I can also safely say that Smiley makes the best faces.



If you want to hear Smiley sing in English, here you go:

Same song, in Romanian:


Lidia Buble is one of my favorite singers in Romania. Her music is great for learning Romanian because it’s very repetitive. Just listen to this song – so easy to pick up! In five minutes you can sing with the chorus, “le arunc le arunc le arunc” (throw them throw them throw them) – it’s a break up song 😦


…and just because this song is fun (some people really hate this video, I get it – Delia is kind of wholesome and this video is pretty sexual):

At least it will teach you how to count a bit in Romanian 😛
unu, doi, trei, patru – cinci, șase, șapte, opt…[the “ș” is “sh” in English – so șase sounds like shah-say, șapte is shop-tay]

giphy (1).gif

Maybe you’ll just agree with me that that video is hella weird.

If you want to go to the next level and get into music that is actually written by the artists (sorry Smiley, Lidia, and Delia), then check out some of the new songs from Subcarpati. This song is called De Dor Si De Bucurie. De Dor Si De Bucurie is like “Of longing and joy” in English.

Dor is an interesting word because it doesn’t translate into English. It’s something along the lines of longing for someone or something you miss and a feeling of nostalgia. A soulful, nostalgic longing. You can say “Mi-e dor de tine” which means “I have dor of you” or more simply, “I miss you” – but this doesn’t really capture of emotion or the complexity of dor. It’s almost painful. Unlike listening to Subcarpati 😀


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