State of the Leo

It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I’ve started Romanian classes! I hope that soon I can write some posts in Romanian. Because you’ve been so patient, I will honor you with a post on my favorite Romanian, Leo de la Strehaia.

According to “sources” (Cancan and the like), the King of the Gypsies has had a busy summer. He’s still married to his lovely wife, Dana Criminala.

New things I’ve learned about Leo:

  1. This man knows the way to the beach. At least 1/3 of the photos he posts on facebook are either on the beach, with the beach in background, or on a beach trip (the other 2/3 are him at a place called Shot Club – a place I like to think he gets all of his vaccinations).
  2. He has some favorite t-shirts. Notice there are like four shirts in rotation. These photos are all from different beach trips (according to Leo’s Facebook). He really wants everyone to know there’s more to him than Gypsy King. He’s also a Turkish Cowboy.


He went to Bali!


He acknowledged his son!

The “news” made a big scandal of this – but really this is his son with his first wife and my personal hero, Anca. Nothing scandalous here, except for those gold heels!


Leo still loves dogs!

I cannot get enough of his dog photos. Especially because he dyed one of his dogs blue. Omg.




Another shot of the blue dog (and Leo’s son in his underwear? ew).

I just noticed the pack of cigarettes next to the dog. I guess even Romanian dogs smoke, eh? I can just imagine this dog smoking and lamenting his Romanian life, “Ah, doamna ajutor…Steua a pierdut din nou! Pula mea.” ~takes long, disappointed puff of cigarette~




Apparently, the King of the Gypsies loves KFC.


I’m sure he gets his wings picant. I’m also loving the glasses, Mrs. Criminala.


Recently, several “sources” were claiming that Leo’s wife, Dana, was pregnant. As much as I would be very happy for them, what’s most likely happened here is that she had dinner before hitting the club in an ill-fitting dress. Don’t take it personally, Dana.  In America, Jennifer Aniston has been pregnant for approximately fifteen years.

Look how happy Leo looks here:


I know a lot of people out there don’t like Leo de la Strehaia and his family. It’s okay, haters. Dana Criminala is living her best life.



One response to “State of the Leo

  1. Hi. I am interested to know what happened to the wife of alin, the son of leo stelica. And where is he now living currently since his father had divorced to Anca. I am reading about their family’s story and i really amazed of the story. Thanks and i would love to read your next post.
    Best regards!


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