The Clothes Make the Man


I will preface this post by saying that I like Klaus Iohannis. As a foreigner living in Romania, he appears to me to be a level-headed, common sense kind of leader. He really earned my respect during the February protests when he went out in the streets with the people to show his support.

Recently, Klaus went to visit the Mihail Kogălniceanu Air Force base. I’m not entirely sure if he was just there to see how things are going, or if he just wanted to see some cool planes, but the real story here is what he wore.

I don’t know who dressed him for this visit, but he was looking (in my opinion) super sharp. Like, James Bond sharp.


During his visit, the weather was exceptionally warm, so he eventually lost the blazer to reveal an almost white outfit. But coupled with the aviator sunglasses (nice touch, there) and his confident demeanor, he really stood out.

Here is the song that popped in my head when I saw this picture:


…and of course, the internet also gave its opinion, in the form of a meme that I like to call “Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions”



Does this mean Klaus gets to join the ranks of the Handsome Presidents League (other members: Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron…)? I really hope so.

[edit] It has been brought to my attention (thank you, romanianbbserver) that Justin Trudeau is not a president – I knew that he was a PM, but I was guess a better name would be “Handsome World Leaders League” instead 😛


2 responses to “The Clothes Make the Man

  1. I like Iohannis, too, for the stands he has taken to encourage Romania to follow the rule of law, to combat corruption and put Romania on a path of modernizing in Europe.

    The wardrobe selections are secondary.

    Justin Trudeau doesn’t really belong on your list, as he is a Prime Minister. Plus like many leaders he may be more popular outside of the country he governs!


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