A Goodbye in Sibiu


The Most Beautiful Street in Sibiu (no really, there’s a sign, it’s official)

The past few weeks in Romania have mostly been a goodbye tour of sorts. We’ve both quit our jobs and said goodbye to colleagues and friends.





(My goodbye cakes from work. I will really miss my fantastic colleagues!)

It’s not easy to say goodbye, but sometimes you can sweeten it a bit with some fun activities – which is what we did with my dear friend, Valentina. I will miss Valentina so much, and I am glad we had a great time hanging in Sibiu and going to the concert together. Fun fact: Valentina is very artistic and makes amazing crafts!


Sibiu is a really lovely place. Lots of see and great food.

Too bad we didn’t have more time 😦


Really can’t believe just a few weeks ago we had snow on the ground!





(pictures from our cute AirBnB in Sibiu)


Pardon – a great restaurant in Sibiu

Claudiu and I really like the band, Bosquito (the lead singer is from Brasov). We saw them for the first time in Vama Veche and ever since then I had wanted to see them live again. They have a great energy when they perform live and I think if you have a chance to catch one of their shows, you totally should.


Bosquito performing live

Here are some of my favorite Bosquito songs:





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