Bernie takes on Romania


Well, this is interesting. Bernie Sanders has tweeted about how unacceptable it is that the internet speeds in Romania are much higher than in America. Well, okay. It makes sense. The internet in Romania ~is~ amazing…and the internet here is shit. I can’t even Skype with Claudiu for five minutes without the call being dropped for want of bandwidth. I agree, Mr. Sanders. It is unacceptable.


However, the tweet ignited an uproar (? maelstrom? fracas? shivaree?). Some were incensed enough to throw some shade at Mr. Sanders.


200 (2).gif


Some actually got the point of the tweet.


And some found a way to make it culturally relevant. After all, we don’t have the best track record when it comes to sharing toys…


Above the din, however, emerged this gem. The Bernie Sanders Speed Test.

Well, let’s see how I did.



Okay, I’ll try again?



200 (3).gif

That’s it. I’m moving to Romania.


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